Speedy Highs vs Slow & Low!

Doing Drugs at Roller-Coaster Speed!

Analysis: "How fast and how often: The pharmacokinetics of drug use are decisive in addiction."

Faster & more intense "hits" lead to stronger addiction?


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1. Duh. If you don't do it, you can't be addicted... Just like very few are addicted to jumping into volcanoes...

2. "...Is also a mouthful for most people to pronounce" Did she really just go from the slang "joint" to scientific term, and then back into slang/"magic"? Why not just call it "pot" or "marijuana" to be consistent? *It must have proven too difficult to change "joint" & "magic brownie" to more "sciencey" words. -The concentration/dose is higher or quicker-acting depending on the route of administration. Makes sense, given knowledge of drug-tolerance build-up.

3. This research is a Meta-analysis of "available literature" on drug dosage, frequency, etc... *Yeah, the Nicotine skin patch is 'Therapeutic...' That's why you slap on 5 of the suckers every morning!

4. Both intravenous & airborne (inhaled/smoked) products largely bypass the blood-brain-barrier, attributing to the more rapid increase in dose + decline via these methods. *Because of the peak-effect, users will feel a stronger withdrawal symptom (of sorts) & take more of the drug to "maintain" their level of effect. This leads to increasing & plateauing effects, causing the user to need more/stronger doses.

5. Absorption rate (into blood) from CRYSTALS/powder in lungs WILL be slower than if it is atomized (smoked) or diluted & used intravenously. Another duh-moment *ON the bright side, this is great info for speedsters/coke-heads who want their fix NOW! Why bother with snorting & nasal bleeding? Just go for straight-up lung cancer & those quicker highs!

6. Samaha, this is astounding! "...Using patches is not [addictive]". Pretty sure there are a bunch of people who use patches/gum for YEARS. They're not addicted though, right?

7. It Would be nice for cocaine addicts to have a step-down program, something where they could reduce their dose or spread it out over time... Oh, wait...

8. So, IF "drug use is the norm," that means 51%+ use drugs, and "15-30% will become addicted." Min-Max addiction = 7.65%-15.3%. If that's Actually the addiction rates (I doubt it) in Montreal, it's still not a "norm"/majority...

Take-Away: If you're going to do drugs, CONSIDER the effects & rapidity that you desire & the route of administration you will pursue! "Live Long & Prosper!" Or, just go chill on the couch while your dealer hooks you up to an IV Machine. Just don't forget the nicotine patches.

*IF you or a loved one are suffering from addiction, seek a professional.

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