A Week on the Duck Farm - A Podcast

A Week on the Duck Farm

A Podcast Interview About my 1 Week on a Dallas Duck Farm

Today, The Survival Podcast interviews me about the week I spent tending to his ducks, dogs, and other livestock this Summer 2015. The Interview portion begins ~20minutes into the show.

Be sure to take a look at the Photo Gallery with 20+ pictures of: Ducks, Ducklings, Egg-Processing, Charlie the dog, Turkey in a Kiddie Pool, Sunflowers, & the Drowning-Mouse-Rescue (fell into sunflower bucket).
http://bit.ly/tsptdc | The Short-link stands for "The Survival Podcast The Duck Chronicles."

Full link to photo album in case the short-link breaks: https://onedrive.live.com/redir?resid=97a7274cf8f24f9b!3598&authkey=!AO4twBzVMwMcXfU&ithint=album%2c

Feel free to leave Comments/Questions there or on this page. Enjoy the show! :)