Manatee- Savior of Planet Earth

Manatee - Savior of Planet Earth

Manatees Repopulate World Post-Global-Warming-Meltdown:

My Hero: "Manatee Mike"

Manatee Mike

Today, I am issuing a pre-thanks to all the Manatees out there. We all know that one day, you will be the ones who we should bow down to and worship. For the uninitiated, here's the rundown on why you ought to be grateful for the bounty that will be presented after the manatees have their way with the world:

1. Manatees live off of sea grass that grows in the oceans.
2. Sea Grass grows best with lots of warm water and sunlight.
3. According to the "Experts," Earth's temperature & climate changes should lead to optimal sea-cow *cough er Manatee breeding conditions Any day now.

Watch this graceful grass-grazer as it trains for the inevitable end. Sorry, I couldn't get it to begin paused.

In this video, we also learn that the Manatee is the "elephant of the sea." That got me thinking... What if we helped Evolution AND Global Warming before things went south. I say we just toss elephants into the ocean (along with the plastic & garbage) in order to start their adaptation process early.

There is already a prime location in the North Pacific Gyre:

North Pacific Gyre

Yeah, we could try to save species (including our own) by taking better care of the planet, but... dumpsters.

And so, as stated earlier, I am preemptively extending my gratitude to Manatees. I am assured, and I have FAITH that all will be fine once these beauties of the sea regrow and refresh countries while mowing down great, bountiful grasslands under their murky, oil-slicked oceans.

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