Samsung S6 Edge Headphones Replacement

So... I've had my S6 Edge since it was released back in April. It's a great phone (aside from small battery issues) that has performed far above my previous Moto X 2013 (?2012?).

Unfortunately, the left headphone just stopped working yesterday. I was listening to a podcast while driving over to a friend's house, and noticed it right away when the sound cut out. 

The culprit #Samsung #Headphones with dead left headphone

The culprit #Samsung #Headphones with dead left headphone

Today, I'm going to get my favorite headphones replaced! We'll see how smoothly that goes, and then discuss some of the common components of headphones that can experience failures or break.  

-----  (After Returning from store) 

It looks like this is going to be more  of a hassle than I expected. After going to the store where  I bought it, I was told that I will have to either get in touch with Samsung directly or take apart the headphones and then find where the malfunction is. My hope is that when I call Samsung tomorrow, I'll be greeted with a pleasant surprise and a 1 to 2 weeks turnaround for replaced headphones. Otherwise, I'll have to do something similar to the video below:

This is will. Will fixes headphones. 


 *If I do end up having to fix my headphones by hand, I'll be sure to film it & hope to live up to his level of fix-it-ability.